Acceptable Donations

(must be clean and in decent condition)

  1. Appliances – working & less than 10 years old.

  2. Tubs (no cast iron, no cracks or major scratches)

  3. Shower/Shower tub units (no cracks or major scratches)

  4. Toilets – with seat, bowl, lid, and tank.

  5. Sinks (no cultured marble)

  6. Plumbing items

  7. Cabinets/Vanities – kitchen or bath (no damage or mold)

  8. Countertops (no tile on top)

  9. Windows (no cracked glass)

  10. Doors (no damage)

  11. Door knobs (complete sets)

  12. Trim/Lumber  (no nails - at least 4 ft. long)

  13. Carpet (no stains,  smoke-free / pet-free home)

  14. Tile/Flooring (no broken, dirty or used)

  15. Mattresses (trial mattress program -  proof of purchase)

  16. Furniture (no broken, stained or ripped;  smoke-free home)

  17. Light fixtures or ceiling fans – must include all parts

  18. Tools – good quality hand or power tools

  19. Some electronics (must work, no box TVs)

  20. Building materials

  21. Wood blinds only; must be in box with all hardware

  22. Mirrors or sheet glass; must be framed or have beveled edge

  23. Houseware items

Unacceptable Donations

  1. Liquids in unmarked containers

  2. Hazardous/poisonous chemicals

  3. Flammable liquids

  4. Commercial doors

  5. Liquids that have been opened

  6. Vehicle tires

  7. Guns, ammunition, or weapons

  8. Paint, stain, or spray paint

  9. Infant/toddler items (strollers, car seats, etc.)

  10. Children/adult safety equipment (i.e. helmets, pads)

  11. Unframed glass/mirrors

  12. Used tile/flooring

  13. Items with sharp edges

  14. Plumbing material containing higher levels of lead

  15. Broken and used tile/flooring

  16. Appliances with a defective plug 

  17. Toys, board games

  18. Clothing

  19. Plastic mini blinds

  20. VHS, cassette tapes, records

  21. Tube fluorescent bulbs

  22. Shower doors

  23. Tubs (cultured marble/cast iron)/ Sinks (cultured marble/cast iron)

  24. Large executive desks

  25. Electronics with compromised or damaged wires

Reuse/Recycle Options

(for items we do not accept)

Clothing, Toys, & Houseware Items

Big Brother Big Sister, 479-966-4366

Salvation Army, 479-521-2151

Potter's House, 479-442-2422

Goodwill, MLK Jr. Blvd, 479-575-9587

Goodwill, N. College, 479-695-0048

Free Geek (electronics), 479-966-9512


Non-Working Metal Appliances & Fixtures

Vaughn Recycling, 479-443-2145

TRG Fayetteville, LLC 479-966-4994


Hazardous Waste & Materials Disposal

Boston Mountain Household and Special Waste Collection, 479-846-3005


Recycling & Trash Collection

Fayetteville Residential Services, 479-575-8398

Springdale Waste Management, 479-361-4200


with questions about items that might not be listed.