Acceptable Donations

(must be clean and in decent condition)

  1. Appliances – working & less than 10 years old.

  2. Tubs

  3. Shower/Shower Tub units 

  4. Toilets – with bowl and tank.

  5. Sinks

  6. Plumbing

  7. Cabinets – kitchen or bath.

  8. Countertops

  9. Windows (no cracked glass)

  10. Doors (no damage to wood)

  11. Door knobs (must be complete sets)

  12. Trim (must not have nails)

  13. Carpet (no stains, must come from smoke-free home)

  14. Tile/Flooring (no broken pieces, clean)

  15. Mattresses (no stains or tears; must come smoke-free home)

  16. Furniture (no stains or rips; must come from smoke-free home)

  17. Light fixtures – must include all parts

  18. Paint – new or nearly new 

  19. Tools – good quality hand or power tools

  20. Some electronics (must work, no box TVs)

  21. Building materials (lumber must not have nails)

  22. Houseware items (wood blinds only with all hardware)

Unacceptable Donations

  1. Liquids in unmarked containers

  2. Hazardous/poisonous chemicals

  3. Flammable liquids

  4. Cultured Marble sinks

  5. Liquids that have been opened

  6. Used vehicle tires

  7. Guns, ammunition, or weapons

  8. Partial cans of paint/used 

  9. Infant/toddler items (strollers, car seats, etc.)

  10. Children/adult safety equipment (i.e. bicycle, helmets, pads)

  11. Unframed glass/mirrors

  12. Items with sharp edges

  13. Plumbing material containing higher levels of lead

  14. Broken tile/flooring

  15. Appliances with a plug inherently able to start a fire if it is defective

  16. Toys, board games

  17. Clothing

  18. Plastic mini blinds

  19. VHS, cassette tapes, records

  20. Tube fluorescent bulbs

Reuse/Recycle Options

(for items we do not accept)

Clothing, Toys, & Houseware Items

Big Brother Big Sister, 479-966-4366

Salvation Army, 479-521-2151

Potter's House, 479-442-2422

Goodwill, MLK Jr. Blvd, 479-575-9587

Goodwill, N. College, 479-695-0048

Free Geek (electronics), 479-966-9512


Non-Working Metal Appliances & Fixtures

Vaughn Recycling, 479-443-2145

TRG Fayetteville, LLC 479-966-4994


Hazardous Waste & Materials Disposal

Boston Mountain Household and Special Waste Collection, 479-846-3005


Recycling & Trash Collection

Fayetteville Residential Services, 479-575-8398

Springdale Waste Management, 479-361-4200


with questions about items that might not be listed.